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Commodore Compressor™

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Update:Commodore Compressor™ is now available at a 40% lower Price

The Commodore Compressor™ is a precision tool allowing nondestructive immobilization and flattening of small living specimens (e.g., bacteria, protists, algae, microfauna) and even larger multicellular eukaryotes such as worms and fish.

Fundamentally, the device consists of two glass interfaces, with one surface being precisely raised or lowered by mechanical micrometer controls.

High-resolution light microscopy as well as fluorescence microscopy can be performed on both upright and inverted microscopes.

The 2 x 3 inch glass slide that the device is mounted on has been successfully used with various types of microscope stages and can handle the largest lenses (oil and water immersion) available including those made by Olympus, Zeiss, and Nikon.

Devices can be outfitted with a number of perfusion platforms, for the addition of media or drugs, and can be custom designed depending on the user's needs.

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